Safeguarding policy


At Ogma Therapy, we are committed to providing safe and secure services for all children accessing our online speech and language therapy platform. This Child Safeguarding Policy outlines our dedication to protecting children from harm, abuse, or neglect and ensures their well-being while using our services.


Child: Anyone under the age of 18 years.
Ogma: Refers to Ogma Therapy, the company providing online speech and language therapy services.
Service Provider: Refers to the professionals providing speech and language therapy through Ogma's platform.
Guardian/Parent: The legal guardian or parent of a child using our services.

Commitment to Safeguarding

Ogma is committed to safeguarding the rights and welfare of children. We are dedicated to:

  • Providing a safe, supportive, and child-friendly environment for all users.
  • Ensuring that all Ogma staff and service providers understand and adhere to our child safeguarding policies.
  • Complying with local and international laws and regulations concerning child safeguarding.

Recruitment and training

We carefully screen and vet all Ogma service providers to ensure they are qualified and competent to work with children. We ensure all our therapists are registered with HCPC and the RCSLT. 

Reporting and Response

If any staff member, service provider, or user suspects or has concerns about child abuse or neglect, it is their responsibility to report it immediately to the appropriate authorities and Ogma management. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement and child protection agencies in any investigation.  The Child Safeguarding contact at Ogma is Louise Weiss, and she can be contacted on

Where we store your personal data

To protect children while using our online platform, Ogma implements the following safety measures:

  • Secure login processes for service providers and children.
  • Secure data encryption for all communications.
  • Continuous monitoring of user activity to ensure safe and appropriate interactions.
  • No sharing of personal contact information between service providers and children.

Parent/Guardian Involvement

Parents and guardians are encouraged to actively participate in their child's teletherapy sessions. All teletherapy sessions are recorded, with recordings available to parents on their associated lesson space.

Feedback and Improvement

We welcome feedback and suggestions from parents, guardians, and service providers to continually improve our child safeguarding measures and the overall safety of our platform.

Policy Review

This Child Safeguarding Policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it remains effective and in compliance with changing legal requirements.

Contact information

If you have concerns about child safeguarding or wish to report an issue, please contact our designated Child Safeguarding Officer, Louise Weiss, at