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Our online therapy package transforms therapy into a journey of growth and joy by combining qualified therapists with our cutting edge at-home practice.
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Modern Speech and
Language Therapy for

your little one
busy households
eager learners
your family
Child-centered therapy that combines expert care with loveable at-home practice

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There are over 65,000 children on the NHS waitlist in need of speech of language therapy.

Ogma is on a mission to ensure that all children can access quality, affordable care now.

Time spent on what matters

1.9 million children in the UK currently struggle with talking and understanding words. Research shows that children who are unable to access care are more likely to fall behind their peers in school. Ogma aims to close the attainment gap early.
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Not your average therapy

Traditional therapy

Weekly therapy sessions with a qualified speech + language therapist
Unclear take-home tasks and template practices
Long wait times for performance updates
More costly sessions over a longer period of time

Ogma therapy

Weekly online therapy sessions with a qualified speech + language therapist
Tailored and interactive practices
Immediate feedback on performance
Fewer sessions at an affordable price

Designed by qualified therapists, parents and scientists

3x more effective
Our therapy combines the fun, engaging at-home practice with Ogs with the expertise of professional speech-language therapists, ensuring tailored, consistent, and enjoyable learning experiences for children.
10x quicker
Get your child off the waitlist and into the hands of experience speech and language therapists in minutes, with reports and follow ups delivered within 1 working day.
Fun for your child
The best learning is the one that kids enjoy. Our Ogs make practice sessions so enjoyable your child will look forward to their therapy.

How it works

Get an easy diagnosis
Begin with a 1 hour, comprehensive online assessment with our qualified speech and language therapists and receive a report that you can easily forward to nurseries or carers.
Dive into play, with expert led care
Join weekly 30 minute sessions with your therapist online and get access to your very own Og to do 10 minute daily practices. The Ogs match your child’s interests to their speech and languge needs to ensure every session is effective and engaging.
See progress at your fingertips
Get continuous updates on your child's progress - easily shareable and understood by anyone in your child's life for a holistic learning experience.

Does my child need therapy?

Loved by kids, parents and therapists

Kiddos are enamoured by their Ogs and actually want to do their practices everyday. It makes a huge difference in their progress
Angela Whiteley
Speech and language therapist lead, NHS
My child is so excited for his next therapy session, he even invited our therapist over to see his legos and couldn't wait to show her his results from school.
Fatima A.
Parent to 4 year old
My children were completely and utterly absorbed by their Og and can't wait to spend more time with it. I've never seen them respond to something like that on a screen
Anna H.
Parent to 4 and 6 year olds

Affordable pricing, accessible therapy

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